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Anti-Counterfeiting and Monitoring Management System

System Introduction:

       Counterfeit products will not only have negative influence on the social economy, but also do great harm to the majority of the enterprises and legitimate rights and interests of the consumers. To protect the interest of enterprises and the consumers from being ruined and ensure the healthy development of the economy, the state and most enterprises have spent plenty of manpower and financial resources on the anti-counterfeiting. The application of the RFID technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting logistics supervision, will be the best way to enhance the efficiency, To build up the anti-counterfeiting logistics supervision Scheme can help optimize the allocation of the enterprise resources to the maximum, enhance the managing level and economic efficiency effectively, so that the interest of the enterprises and consumers can be ensured. For the traditional anti-counterfeiting logistics schemes, there’re problems such as the information isn’t real-time and has limitations, there’s certain risk of leaks or missing, the anti-counterfeiting logistics supervision scheme to cover the whole processes of dynamic digitalization can never be established. Since there’s only one ID code stored inside the RFID tag, basing on the online data acquisition devices, readers, RFID printer technology, various functions such as storage managementlogistics management, sales supervision and anti-counterfeiting etc. can be realized. According to the data encryption algorithm principle, RRID technology can realize the encryption algorithm processing on the product code, batch code, expiration date and other variables, thus the digitalized supervision codes can be produced, which establishes the fundamental database for the application of anti-counterfeiting and logistics management. Write the digitalized supervision code into the chip.via the encryption program, and store the code with the ID number included into the central database through network technology. The digitalized supervision code. can be connected with a variety of information to realize the digital information sharing at different links of the enterprise management, therefore, the complete anti-counterfeiting logistics digital supervision scheme can be established among the manufacturers, logistics companies and clients.
Characteristics of the System:

1. Broader service objects, richer service content.
2. Realized the organic combination of the static and dynamic information, provided more anti-counterfeiting logistics and digitalized supervision functions for the relevant enterprises, logistics companies, distributors, consumers and even the government supervision departments.
3. Strong scalability and compatibility, easy connection with the corporate ERP system, realized the data information interaction and sharing, providing evidence for the corporate decisions.

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