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clothing orders management system

Guangzhou clothing orders management system

Clothing order will case description:
Present situation.
The traditional clothing orders will be using the original ways of ordering, i.e. manual fill the order way, there are many drawbacks:
Data entry time
Fault data entry, leak type
Data change is difficult, especially in the customers often change the style, such as the number of cases, to the related personnel caused by the repetitive input great workload
Can not effectively guide the customers orders
Cheng Bengao
Unable to generate valid data analysis
Although in recent years to improve efficiency, fair organizers in the sample placed on the brains do articles, such as rule, but basically can not solve the fundamental problem

Field service system through the GPRS network, realize the users in the business field data collection function.Field service system comprises a user login, product orders, modify, delete orders, printing orders, send order, order of 7 functional modules.
Customer login: when preparing to order when the need to input authentication information (including name and contact)
Product order: when to order clothing when using
Update: update collector configuration configuration
Delete orders: when used to cancel the order
Change order: when the order errors and need to edit and save
Send order: the order is sent to the order management system

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