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Smart Toursit Guide Device

The Smart Guidance System of Tourist Attraction is adopted the 2.45GHz RFID (Radion Frequency Identification) technology. Visitors can rent the tourist guide device at rental counter in the exhibition area. When the visitor who has tourist guide device entering the area where installed the transmitter in advance, the information can be heard automatcally when it identified the sign. The tourist guide device is easy to carry and it works automatically without any touch. Different languages are available to visitors.



Automatic Audio Visual Interpretation


A Smart Tour Guide will automatically detect and explain the corresponding induction without any operation when it approaches the scenic spot with pre-installed wireless node.


Multilingual Guide


One guide device can support eight languages maximum to satisfy different nationalities and solve the problem of lack of talents on the small languages.


TFT LCD Display


Large size LCD screen to display the guide state and the current scenic information, etc.


Battery Display


The machine indicates the low voltage, prompting the user to charging.


Two Operational Model, both Auto and Manual


Multi-use of one machine, free switch between automatic and manual guide.


Prompt Return


The visitor will be reminded to return the guide device and triggers the police when it is brought to exit.


Information Upgrading


The guide device can be upgraded the software and updated audio information without opening it by special equipment.




The Guide System has preserved sufficient storage space to advertise business, travel and lodging information.




The Guide System can be admitted as e-ticket with the ZenKore Smart Guide Management System.

       successful cases:


April 2010 in Chen Shan Shanghai Botanical Garden


May 2010 in the Expo Shanghai


January 2010 in Wushan Mountain Fujian


December 2009 in San Fang Qi Xiang, Ancient Street, Fujian


December 2009 in Daxiao Dongtian Park, Hainan


October 2009 in Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Yalong Bay Park, Hainan


September 2009 in Yanoda Rainforest Park, Hainan


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