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RFID food safety and traceability management

In China, RFID technology is also used in food safety tracking and management, and has been getting the strong support of many local governments.
May 2002 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal immune Regulations Governing the Labeling "stipulate that pigs, cattle, sheep must wear immune ear tag and establish the immune file management system.
Implemented in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Hong Kong food security prewarning and the origin full traceability control system, in order to ensure the safety of food supply, the system uses RFID radio frequency identification technology used in the food supply breeding, production, processing, transportation, wholesale, portinspection, retail and other links.Affixed RFID tag contains the information of food testing in the food packaging, food growth, production, storage and transportation package information, the people of Hong Kong can trace back to the food source of information by tag ID, feeling more at ease when to buy food.
Vegetables in Shouguang, Shandong province, with the goldness system of Shandong Province Quality Supervision engineering network platform, has established the province's food safety and quality database to provide consumers with dynamic and authoritative food quality and traceability information. Pig farming in Sichuan and aquatic products exported in Zhejiang have been establishing RFID traceability system for food safety management, to ensure local food security supervision. These pilot projects to a large extent promote food safety in China to establish traceability system.

RFID tag attached on the box of food or food, reader and antenna are connected, sensor and reader are integrated, the read data packet are over the network transferred to the database of food safety management, while the manufacturers in all sectors of food supply chain and product information are registrated to the RFID public service system based on food safety management database. Through the supply chain information integration, system can provide food service, food safety, traceability, food quality assessment of a variety of applications.
Application Service
Based on the integration of food safety management database and the food supply chain information, the system can provide the following wide range services.
(1) Food Information Service
User can query and enjoy the food information service. On the table, each dish of raw materials, production (processing), date of production, chef, cooking methods; the flow of information about the food shopped in supermarket and security information can be obtained.
(2) Food Safety Traceability
Once occur the outbreak, food safety management system can quickly find the product sales, the responsibility and origin of the product information, Through food safety traceability system, it can not only find the ultimate consumer of the food items, but also find the link of the problems in the distribution or production process, and meantime take corresponding measures.
(3) Terminal Inquiry System
Supermarket is the main channel to buy food by consumers, consumers in supermarkets or manufacturers can view the information of the food purchased by inquiring RFID tag on the terminal platform.

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