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Library Management-RFID Solution

System Introduction

RICH (Rich RFID Library System) improves management of modern library. It can help a library to actualize 24 hours self-borrowing and return, provide a more accurate record of inventory, automatic shelving, compositor, and theft-proof function. These applications can lead to significant savings in labour costs, enhance customer service, lower book theft, and provide a constant record update of media collections.

System Framework

System Framework

RFID library agemenmant system includes:


Label Conversion Systems


Self-Check-In/Out System


Self-Help Book Return System


Intelligent Search Systems


Automatic Inventory Systems


Security Gates Detection System



System Function:


Simplify the procedures for borrowing and returning books; shorten the books circulation; increase book lending rate, and enhance the library user-friendly service;


Easy inventory reduces the labor intensity of management personnel and minimizes book misshelving issues;


Locating the desired books has become more efficient and convenient and furthermore enhances the utilization of library materials;


The security gates are designed for the detection and reading of information from RFID transponders when they are carried through the entrances and exits;


Advantages of Systems:


Improve management efficiency


Reasonable management of human resource that turning low service to high service;
Simple human working that decrease time and cast;
More correct of storing, more easily of management;


Improve service quality, reduce working strength


More culture and more humanity situation;
More diversity and more individual service;
Enjoy high technology service experience;
Service of returning at the whole day;


To Readers


Avoid waiting, more convenience;
Opening time more longer;
Privacy, choice and individual;
New feeling of high technology;


To Staffs


Reduce more work;
Improve higher level service;
Improve working spirit;
Reduce working strength;


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