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Power Plant Turns to RFID for Site Safety

May 14, 2012—Hong Kong has long been described as a city of lights. In the evening, particularly when viewed from a boat in Victoria Harbor, the city-state appears ablaze in vibrant lights of many styles and colors. 

CLP Power Hong Kong is responsible for a significant share of Hong Kong's nightly light show. A subsidiary of CLP Group—one of the largest investor-owned power producers in the Asia Pacific region—the company supplies electricity and related services to some 5.7 million customers throughout the city-state's Kowloon and New Territories districts. The firm operates a pair of generation stations on the outskirts of these territories, each dedicated to supplying the energy required to power lights, office systems, household appliances and everything else that runs on electricity in those areas.

The Safely On-Site System (SOSS) records the arrival of each bus.

Producing power efficiently and reliably requires the combined efforts of a large and diverse workforce. Every day, more than 2,000 technicians, maintenance workers, office staff members, outside contractors and other individuals enter and exit CLP's Power Hong Kong's stations via multiple access points. In 2009, to obtain a comprehensive view of those entering and exiting its plants, and to enhance the sites' security and safety, CLP Power decided that it was time to launch some form of comprehensive tracking and monitoring system.

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