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Embedded RFID Tags Help Make Book a Good Read

A book about hot-air ballooning incorporates tags that can be read via an NFC-enabled phone to access more information, or be encoded with new data for others to view.

Oct. 10, 2012—Every year, Dutch publishing firm Elektor International Media produces 30 to 40 electronic and paper books, describing the use of technology. But this year, the company is releasing a book that actually incorporates some of that technology—specifically, Near Field Communication (NFC)RFID. Catch the Sun, a book about ballooning, is intended to bridge the traditional book-publishing world with the digital world, by featuring NFC tags on its cover and some of its pages. A user equipped with an NFC-enabled mobile phone or tablet can then tap each tag and be directed to an Elektor-hosted Web site in order to learn more about a particular topic. Those who buy the book can even personalize it, using the phone or tablet to encode two of its tags. 

Han Nabben, the book's author, is the senior director of integrated global marketing and communications at
 NXP Semiconductors, a company that manufactures a large percentage of the silicon chips used to produce NFC RFID tags. Nabben approached Wisse Hettinga, Elektor's editor-in-chief, with an idea for a book about one of his favorite hobbies—ballooning—while incorporating NFC technology. "He was looking at what he does for business and pleasure, and how he could combine them," Hettinga says.

Catch the Sun's cover has an RFID sticker that can be used to download the book's title song.

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