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RFID Tracks Spanish Shoppers' Interest in Shoes, Books

Two retailers in Spain are attaching EPC Gen 2 tags to some of their merchandise, in order to gauge the popularity of products by tracking how often customers pick the items up.

Mar. 12, 2012—When placed on display at stores, products are often picked up by customers for a closer look, and are then moved around the store and put back down, all before ever making it to the point of sale. Stores and manufacturers can learn from this behavior, by determining how much interest something like a book cover generates, as well as which sections of a store evoke the most interest among browsing shoppers. Retailers and goods manufacturers have data regarding the number of products sold, but few possess information indicating the level of customer interest prior to a sale.

Two Spanish retailers are tracking the popularity of selected items within their stores, using technology that detects which products are lifted off shelves, and how often. The stores are utilizing an
RFID-based system provided by Spanish automatic-identification solutions company Cité Trade Tech. The firm is providing its Smart Data ISF solution, consisting of EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags, shelf readers and cloud-based software to analyze data.

At Argot, an RFID reader installed under a display table detects the number of customers that pick up a particular book.

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