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Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System


System Introduction:
With the evident advantages of RFID uhf long distance reader occurred in the Vehicle access management system and China’s rapid economic development, how to realize the efficient and quality intelligent management on the vehicles going in or out of the jurisdiction has been gradually emphasized by all levels of the administrative departments and enterprises。


Currently the major problems with the vehicle management include: cumbersome registration procedures, low efficiency, small circulation, strong manual labor intensity for the human verifications, poor service effect, complicated vehicle management system and functions, poor targeting, which result in a large system for a small place, more investment whereas poorer result. 

According to the real situation and requirements in the application of the vehicle management, based on the rfid technology, The vehicle management Information System has been widely used.

The system can automatically identify the vehicle ID, display the information, confirm the ID then release the vehicle. And it combined with the modules such as the user management, data search, etc., effectively solved the vehicle management problems that the users are facing, no need of stop and rapid access for the internal vehicles, the external vehicle access control can be limited effectively.


The system is suitable for the places with large flow of the vehicles, clear destination for the vehicles, closed environment with security guard, especially the large communities, corporate campuses, government units,
group fixed parking lots, etc


System Characteristics:
1. Realization of the fast flowing of vehicles
2. Improvement of service quality
3. High adaptability and security
4. Practical and functional, easy for operations, cost reduced.
5. Automatic barrier, easy access.


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