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RFID Three-dimensional warehouse and logistics management

This system is suitable for manufacturing warehouse in the industrial enterprises, logistics and transit warehouses, retail stores, warehouse and telecommunications, electricity and other enterprises and institutions, asset management warehouse.
Warehouse management systems typically use a bar code label or manual warehouse management documents, these management methods have obvious shortcomings:
bar code management: easy to copy, not anti-fouling, moisture and can only be read closely;
Input manually: tedious work, large volumes of data prone to errors and omissions, increase the labor costs of storage areas;
manual inventory produce the heavy workload, ;long inventory cycle,and the missing or theft of goods can not be found in a timely manner;
The introduction of the RFID technology, it will make the enterprise warehouse management becomes transparent and efficient work. The electronic tag is encapsulated within the bar code label affixed to the packaging of each cargo or tray, Tag is written with the goods, storage location and other information. And meantime Writing served on the side details of the goods out of warehouses, warehouse and distribution channels
Set fixed or handheld readers to identify, monitor the flow of goods.

The system is mainly composed of
RFID tags;
RFID printer
RFID fixed reader
RFID handheld reader
RFID forklift system
the RFID channel reading system
RICH RFID middleware
RICH RFID warehousing and logistics management system;
System performance
Efficient, accurate data acquisition, and operational efficiency;
Out/in warehouse data collection, reduce human error;
Reduce the cost of warehousing and logistics;
Manual can be reduced by 20-30%;
99% of warehouse products for visualization, and reduce the risk of commodity missing;
Improved supply chain management will reduce the work time of 20-25%;
Improve the accuracy and reliability of the storage information;

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